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Book Tuesday: The Liar, by Nora Roberts

The most recent stand-alone novels by Mrs Nora Roberts, which came out a month ago, but I was waiting for my library copy, so I only read it this week-end.

the liar

A brief resume: Shelby Pomeroy married Richard Foxworth at age 19. Five years later, she becomes a widow, and immediately later learns that her husband lied about everything: he cheated on her, he pretended to want a second child with her but had a vasectomy in secret, he never even made the first payment on their new seven-bedrooms house. She’s left with nothing but her toddler and three million dollars of debt; so she returns home to her family. She reconnects with her old friends, and some old enemies too, and she catches the eye of newcomer Griffin Lott. But moving away doesn’t mean getting away from the trouble her husband left her into. On top of all the other things, the man was a thief and a con artist, and from old victims to former partners, there are way too many people looking to settle a score with him, through Shelby.

What did I think of this book? I liked it, for the most part, and I did finish it in less then 24 hours. When one considers that there are books I cannot even bring myself to finish, I think this is a fair indication that I really did like this book.

Beware spoilers under the cut.

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Anything goes Friday: I love Ireland

So … I had a thing planned for today, but it didn’t work. So instead I’m just going to post something real quick.

I love Ireland. I’ve been wanting to go there for almost half my life. (That makes me sound terrifyingly old.) (“terrifyingly” is a word? English language, you are so weird. Anyway.) I blame Nora Roberts; about 15% of her entire body of work is either set in Ireland, or features a predominantly Irish character. To sooth the inner, and possibly outer, hipster, I’ll add that I’ve also read The Princes of Ireland, by Edward Rutherford. I don’t think I’ve read The Rebels of Ireland, though, and I probably should. I probably should re-read the Princes as well.

I also love listening to Irish folk music, and I started collecting albums right around the time I started reading Nora Roberts. Add that to all the photos in Google images, and, well … I’m going there someday. It might not be like the pictures or the books or the songs (in fact I strongly suspect it won’t be) but I’ll see for myself how different it is. Someday.


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