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Real life happening here

You know how it is. Sometimes you make some fancy, important resolutions about your online presence, and you even make plans on how to implement that resolution more efficiently. But then you promise your publisher that you can have a draft of your novel ready by January 31st, and everything else goes to hell.

Which is to say, I won’t be writing anything here until February. Sorry. I’ll do better next month.

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Happy birthday to me!

It’s my birthday today, and I am celebrating thusly:

– trying out the WordPress app. So far, it works pretty much like the email app does, and since I’m used to the email app, that’s good

– starting a new book that I picked up this weekend when I went on my celebratory shopping trip (yes, I mostly celebrated my birthday last weekend, because celebrating in the middle of the week has never been cool to me)

– getting cake at work,  because we always get cake when it’s someone’s birthday.  If not today, then tomorrow or Friday.

And that’s enough celebrating for a Wednesday.

eta: I got a Google Doodle for my birthday! It’s so sweet! (Pun!)


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Wow, I have sucked at keeping this blog updated, haven’t I? I could say the the holidays have been a little crazy, and that, having stopped, I was a little embarrassed at starting up again, and that would be true enough, but that’s just an excuse, and excuses don’t mean much when your publisher is asking you why you don’t have an online presence.

So, I am making a resolution. You can call it a New Year’s resolution if you want; I’m calling it a resolution, period. I am going to start using this blog. I’ve created a Twitter account, and a widget for that Twitter and for my Goodreads page, and I’m going to use all those websites. That is my resolution.

Happy 2014, everyone!

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