What to do this week-end: Watch the Kentucky Derby

01 May


The most exiting two minutes in sports. The run for the roses. The first jewel of the Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby is known by many names. I call it “The one sporting event I make a point to watch every year, because it’s the only one I care about.”

I first started watching the Derby in 2008. I don’t know what I was doing the other years, I’m not even sure why I started watching it. All I really remember is that the television was on NBC that afternoon, and I was in the dining room watching it, and there were celebrities on the screen talking about their picks for this horse race they paid a small fortune to come and watch. One of the celebrity, I think it was Jerry O’Connell, said that they was rooting for Eight Bells because having a filly in the Derby was (and still is) such a rare thing. That is what caught my attention. One girl against 19 boys? Count me in! You go, girl horse! So I watched the hours of footage and interviews and touching back-stories. I watched the race, where I favorite came in second place. I watched her fall down after the race was over, having broken both front ankles, and I heard the announcement that she had been euthanized. So… that was a memorable first experience.

I was a little anxious when I went to watch the next Derby, but I watched it anyway. I watched Calvin Borel win two Derbys in a row, and then lose the next one. I watched the rivalry between the scrappy underdog I’ll Have Another and grand favorite Bodemeister. I missed the 2013 Derby (I don’t remember why, maybe I was out of town, but that’s not a reason not to turn on the tv) but I went back on track last year, when “people’s horse”, California Chrome, took the race by 1 and 3/4 lenght. And I’m going to watch tomorrow.

Who do I pick to win? I don’t know! Every year I tell myself that I really should start following the racing world during the rest of the year, get more informed and make a more educated choice then “I like that horse’s name”, and every year May comes around and takes me by surprise. So I guess I’ll be looking out for the interviews, the expert opinion and the touching back-stories. So far, the names I like best are Frosted and Carpe Diem.

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