Book Tuesday: Love and Leftovers, by Sarah Tregay

28 Apr

I bought this book purely on a whim. I was at the bookstore, I had a thing in my hand that I was ready to buy that was not a book, and I promised to myself that every non-book purchases at the bookstore must be matched by a book, and that one looked all right, both in terms of blurb and of cover, so I bought it.

love and leftovers

The story seems simple enough: a girl moves away when her parents divorce and she goes to live with her mother. She leaves her friends behind and meet new people and “a new romance heats up”, according to the blurb. But even from the first few pages, you can tell that the situation is more complicated then that, and it only gets more intense as the book goes on.

One thing that really surprised me when I first read the book, a thing I didn’t expect but ended up really liking: the novel is written as a series of free verse poems. I like that the fact that the book doesn’t advertise it’s unusual style; there are clues that I picked on later, but I clearly bought the book without having figured it out. I’m not sure I would have spent my money if I had known in advance, because I tend to be weary of shticks, but I did spend the money and only learned about the shtick after having read the first 10 pages of the book, at which point I figured “might as well finish it”. And other then some conversations that turn out really awkward, the shtick works.

I enjoyed the book, I’m glad I read it, and I was more then happy to share the love by loaning it to a friend of mine, even knowing fully well that I might never get it back again. Let that be a lesson, everyone: always assume that loaning a book is giving it away.

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