So, how did the launch go, you ask?

08 Dec

Well, it went pretty well, actually.

For one thing, I looked really pretty. I went to the hair salon this morning, and I got a good cut and a really nice style, too. You can tell for yourself, by looking at the video which I will embed as soon as it’s uploaded on Youtube. It’s me doing the reading for the launch.

The reading is another thing that went really well. I did flub a few times, but people were kind enough not to point it out to me. Which is another thing that went well: everyone who came was really nice (except for the one guy who left in the middle of the reading, but let’s not talk about him).

The sales also went well; we sold more books then there were people in the room. I hope to sell even more at the family reunion I am going to tomorrow, and to people from work who couldn’t come today, on Monday.

All in all, I think I’m off to a decent start. Also, I freaking love my book.


eta: here’s the video

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