The Admirer officially launches this Saturday

05 Dec

I should be more nervous about this than I am. I know I will be nervous. I can feel the first butterflies start to form in my stomach. But compared to what I know I will feel at 1:55 (the launch is supposed to begin at 2:30, but I’ve invited people to com in a two, so I expect the nerves to hit five minutes before that) this is nothing. I’m nervous about being nervous, that’s what’s going on.

I have no idea who is going to be there, except one of my uncles, some of my friends who won’t make it until at least 3:00, some reporters from the Ottawa University student newspaper and my mom. My siblings won’t even make it, how pathetic is that? (The only solution I can think of is having mom buy a bunch of copies at the “event price” for them, and then sell those copies back to them for the full price. That was she gets rewarded for actually coming, and I make sales.) This is a serious conundrum for me, because on the one hand, talking to people about myself and my accomplishments is one of my least favorite things to do, but on the other hand, I want people to come to the launch!

I’m keeping myself calm and cheerful by looking at the big picture. The launch is an important event, yes, but it’s only one event. The Admirer is more then it’s launch. The book is already on Amazon, and on bookadda, this Indian online book-selling site.My book is going to be sold in India. This is wild. The Ottawa Public Library already bought three copies. People are going to be able to borrow my book from the library.

So, really whatever happens on Saturday, I’m having a pretty amazing experience.

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