A really good day

10 Nov

That’s what today has been.

First of all, I baked. Remember that “things to do on a rainy Saturday” post I made a while back, the one that had an item reading “baking cookies, or brownies, or both”? Well, I didn’t bake those on that day, I baked them today, and they turned out really well. I’m very pleased with myself, and I get a bunch of sweet stuff to eat as a reward for the time and effort I took.

Then I finished reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, and I just loved it. It was sweet, and funny, and exactly my type. I’m so glad I listened to the impulse that made me buy that paperback, and not to the voice in my head saying “but you don’t buy hard copies of books anymore, you buy digital”. I’m not saying I would not have enjoyed that book digitally, but I might have put off buying it, which means I would not have spent the best part of my day reading it and loving it.

I watched The Princess Bride, and the 1995 BBC mini-series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Again. What can I say, I love those DVDs. Besides, they were mostly background noise while I baked and read.

I also found the last three chapter of my very first Nanowrimo novel, for which the complete manuscript as unfortunately been lost. Those three chapters were on a floppy I found in my office material. (Yes, I was still using floppies six years ago, when I first attempted Nanowrimo, don’t judge me.) (No, my computer doesn’t actually read floppies, I bought an external drive to read them. The story of why I need one is too long for this post, and it turned out to be pretty convenient today anyway, didn’t it?) I haven’t read them yet, but I might, at some point, if I want to reminisces about how good (or, more likely, terrible) I was, see how far I’ve come as a writer, and/or attempt to re-create the lost manuscript of my first Nano, but better.

Last but not least, it snowed today. I love that. Actual snow, and it stuck to the ground. At least a quarter of an inch, from what I can guess judging by my balcony. I need a shovel, to clear out my balcony is case of a fire. It doesn’t look urgent, not for a quarter of an inch, but today was just the beginning: there will be more. So I need a shovel. And a Christmas tree. Watching that snow building up centimeter by centimeter made me want to pull out my Christmas stuff and buy a tree and start decorating. I’ve already put some, most actually, of my Christmas music on my MP3 player, and I listen to it at work. No shame and no regret. Christmas rocks!

So that’s a decent round up. There was stuff I was supposed to do, and didn’t get around to, but I’m not dwelling on that. I’ve had a good day.

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