Is perfection of this world?

07 Nov

Sometimes, like today, when I spend over an hour pouring over blog directories looking for potential blog tour hosts, I think “no, of course not”. Because if it did, I would have more to show for that hour I spent today, and the other I spent yesterday, than two “that one sounds good” and nine “meh, maybe”.

Other times, like on Monday, I think “yes, of course it does”. Because what other word to be used to describe the two Christmas gifts I found, on for each of my siblings, while I was just browsing through the bookstore waiting for the bus? There is no other words; those gifts are perfect.

Maybe perfection can only be found when you’re not really looking for it.

Which is all well and good, except that I can’t really afford to stop looking for blog tour hosts. My book comes out on the first week-end of December, there are no author events going on at that time, except maybe one. If I want to get word of my book out there (and I do) it will have to be online. I need that blog tour, and it needs to be ready as soon as possible.

You might think that eleven potential hosts isn’t that bad, but remember: it’s only eleven if you count the “meh, maybe”s, which I don’t. Finding blogs isn’t everything; they have to be the right blogs. Choosing the wrong blog means risking a bad review, and that would do me absolutely no good.

So I’ll pick another directory and keep looking, and maybe I’ll find the perfect match (preferably more then one).

ps Am I using this entry, and the search for the blog hosts, as an excuse not to Nano today? I could, because I really think that writing the next book is less important than polishing up the details, like the publicity, of this one. But I won’t mainly because this entry isn’t 500 words long, and I promised myself to write at least 500 words every day. So back in the trenches for a little while, I’ll go back to directories and blog surfing later.

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