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Anything goes Friday: more short thoughts

Because it’s one of those days again.

– I started to write about how much I love etymology, but then I realized that it would take too long to qualify as a short thought, so I’ll probably cue up a post on that for next Friday. For now, I’ll only say that language is a wonderful, improbable, amazing thing.

– I was shopping today, and I bought a bunch of movies, including “Frozen” and “Saving Mr. Banks”, which I then proceeded to watch back to back. Disney studios, who gave you the right to do this to my heart? How dare you?!?

– Sometimes I think about the fact that the majority of the Tumblr users I follow are younger then I am, by something close to a decade, and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Sometimes, I overhear some conversations between co-workers, about how a girl who goes to a club and asks for a friend to help her get away from the creeps is apparently a hypocrite because “she goes on the floor with a big smile on her face” and “she should stop asking for it”, or about how a five foot nothing girl got her ass grabbed by a six foot plus guy and “it’s so funny” because “you know how he is”, and it makes me feels sick a lot. And then I imagine putting this conversation on Tumblr, how the social justice warriors would tear it to shreds if they caught it, and it restores my faith in humanity. Because those co-workers I’m talking about? They’re in their late 30’s early 40’s. In 20-25 years, they’re going to be retired in some trailer park in Florida, while the current teenagers of Tumblr will rule the world. It can only be an improvement.

(Yes, the etymology bit would have been ever longer then that. I have a lot of feelings about etymology, okay?)

I think that’s enough for today.

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