Book Tuesday: Emmy and Oliver, by Robin Benway

22 Sep

Emmy and Oliver

Resume: Emmy and Oliver live next door to each other, and they are best friends. His parents are divorced, and his father only sees him on the week-ends. One Friday, Oliver goes with his father for a three day week-end. He doesn’t return, not for a decade. Emmy grew up living the consequences of Oliver being kidnapped by his father: the questions from the police and the reporters, her parents becoming much too protective for her taste, her missing her best friend. When Oliver returns, they have to learn to know each other all over again, and deal with the consequences of a ten year absence coming to an end.

Robin Benway is an underrated voice of YA fiction, and that is a gosh-darned shame. I read her previous novel The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June, and I really enjoyed it. (I have not read Wait, Audrey, Wait yet, but I plan to.) And I was especially looking forward to this.

I expected a typical contemporary YA romance, but I got a lovely coming of age story on top of the cute romance. What I loved most about this book is that the romance between Emmy and Oliver developed naturally and without drama. They both had enough drama in their relationship with their parents, and in the general circumstances, so keeping the romance simple and sweet was a great touch.

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