Book Tuesday: The Baby Sitters Club, by Ann M Martin and Raina Telgemeier

18 Aug

Synopsis if you need it: four 13 years old friends decide to pool their resources and form a babysitting club, and have many adventures along the way.

Book one


Book two


Book three


Book four and final


The original BSC books played a very important part of my childhood,  ever since my mother bought me the first one when I was in kindergarten. I remember joining the official fan club when I was nine, and a year later, I remember going with my dad to a tiny theater that felt like it was on the other side of the world (I think it might have been in Aylmer) because it was the only place around that showed the movie. When a friend told me that there were comics of the BSC, and that yhey were pretty good,  I owed it to elementary school me to check them out.

I have to agree with my friend. Those comics were excellent adaptations of the original novels,  and I am pretty sure that elementary school me would have loved them. (There is the possibility that elementary school me would have been in a snobbish phase and not wanting to read comics. That phase didn’t last long, though.)

However,  I must note that I (30 years old me) am not the intended audience for these comics, or for the original novels. The characters are 13 years old, they are written like 13 years old and that means that they sometimes show a lack of maturity that 30 years old me finds irritating. The enjoyment I got from reading these books cames from the nostalgia more then from the stories themselves.   With that said, I would throw the book at any little girl who likes to read, even just a little bit.  It makes you want to read more of the series.

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