My week-end

07 Jun

I’ve already covered the playtest in the Friday post. It went really well.

Prose in the Park: I had such a good time. The weather was perfect, which is always a bonus. There was this amazing turn out, and many of them stopped by the table. Some to ask about possibly submitting to Renaissance (which, of course, would be great, Renaissance loves new authors) and some because the posters we put up announcing A Match Made in Austen intrigued them. There were so many people who complimented us, who loved the concept of the game, I’m sure we would have made a ton of sales if we’d had physical copies of the game. It’s such a thrill to see people getting this excited about something that came out of my mind! I can’t even put it into words.

The Belmont Stakes: American Pharaoh! He did it! The first Triple Crown champion since 1978! The twelfth champion in history! Watching the race live is the only thing that might have made it better. Also, it would have eliminated the opportunity of being spoiled. Yes, believe it or not; after all my fretting about having the Tony awards spoiled for me by the many theater blogs I follow on Tumblr, it’s the Belmont I get spoiled. By this one really random blog, too! I didn’t even know this like followed the races. If I had, I would have known to un-follow for Saturday, and re-follow today after seeing the race.

The Tony Awards: I thought I might be able to watch them live from, but I get blocked because I’m not in the US. So I am going to get spoiled after all. The ceremony is being recorded, I made sure of that, but I wish I might have gotten the excitement of watching it unfold along with the world. On the plus side, it means I get to go to sleep at a regular hour, which is amazing.

I also went to a library-organised used-books sale this morning, and I had an afternoon-early evening board-game session tonight. Always a lot of fun, but it’s seriously just as well that I don’t have to go to sleep too late, because I missed my chance to take a nap, and the excitement of the week-end is catching up on me.

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