Two quick announcements

31 May

First, there is going to be a game session of A Match Made in Austen, Friday June 5th at 19:00, at the Game Buff (L’As des Jeux) in Gatineau. It is an amazing place, and the owners and employees are awesome people, really passionate about games. This is going to be a great evening, I’m sure of it.

Second, my parents got a dog two days ago. I just met him yesterday.


Pictured here with one of my siblings.

His name is Johnny Cash. (My dad is a fan, the dog is all black, Mom didn’t stand a chance. She just calls him Johnny.)  Apparently, he is a spaniel of some kind, but my parents couldn’t tell me which kind. Either the SPCA people didn’t tell them/didn’t know, or my parents forgot. Anyway, when I think spaniels, I think King Charles, the tiny dogs with big ears and long curly hair. Johnny looks more like a baby black lab to me. But he’s not a baby, he’s two years old. Could anyone tell, from my just-a-step-above-crappy picture, what kind of breed the dog is?

The breed isn’t what’s important, of course. What’s important is that he’s a well-trained, well-behaved, good dog, and he is.

Those are the updates for the week.

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