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01 Feb

I finished and submitted the manuscript I promised my publishers I would send them yesterday. Finally, I know. And I was only two and a half hours late. Which I consider especially impressive because, and no-one knew this other than me, when I suggested this manuscript three weeks ago, and was asked to submit it, it was only three-quarters written. And I had some extensive revisions to do, because of that bad habit I have of switching between past and present in my verbs, and because some parts were just bad and needed to be scrapped.

So anyway, the point is I am done! Which means that I can start doing other stuff, like using Twitter more actively, reading some books to add to my Goodreads shelf, use this blog more often the way I promised myself I would. (And also do other stuff I’ve been putting off, like shoveling and grocery shopping.)

In my last post, I mentioned plans I had made to be more efficient in my “regular posting” resolutions. Well: here it is. I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (This Saturday post was planned to be a Friday post, back when I though I might finish my manuscript before midnight.) Some friends suggested that I choose a theme for my blog, because to retain a readership, people have to know what to expect of me. Just talking about whatever the hell I want might have worked if I’d started blogging in the 90’s, but as things stand, I guess my friends have a point. While I don’t like the idea of one theme, I thought I could use some more structure, and maybe a couple of different themes.

Monday is Theater and Musicals day. I’ve had a long interest in both those subjects, and I have seen many plays and many shows, sometimes live on stage, sometimes in a film adaptation, and … let’s leave that at that. Anyway. I could talk about the shows I’ve seen, and the ones I haven’t seen but studied in school (when you study literature, theater kind of comes along with it). I could even upload videos of me singing covers of my favorite songs from my favorite musicals, if/when I ever get my camera back.

Wednesday is Books and Writing day. I do spend a lot of time reading and writing, and it’s only fair that I spend some time talking about that. I can do book reviews. I can talk about book adaptations. I can talk about the ongoing marketing efforts for The Admirer. I can talk about my next project, or about the fan-fiction I write. That’s right, folks, I write fan-fiction and say it proudly. I might even post some here.

Friday is Whatever I Feel Like day. Is it cheating? Maybe, and maybe my friends won’t be happy with me, but you know what? That’s just the way it is. I have things going on in my life that don’t fit in any of the above-mentioned themes, and I want to give myself the freedom to talk about them. I could talk about games, either video or table top. I could upload covers of songs that are not from musicals, again, if/when I get my camera back. (I know I could film myself on my phone, but I have a hard time exporting those videos, and it doesn’t look as good anyway.) I could develop some other interest, like cooking, or baking, or fashion, or make-up, or something that isn’t even tangentially related to books.

So here is the plan. It’s exactly as much structure as I’m willing to implement in my blog at this time. Too much? Too little? Time will tell.

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