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Book Launch!

Guess where I’ll be tomorrow!

Nathan Caro Frechette's Ice Cream for Zombies

releasedaybia  Tomorrow (March 8th) is the official launch party of my newest novel, Brothers In Arms !

It will be a double event, as there will be an actual physical launch if you’re in the area, and an online launch as well!

The online launch will be happening on Facebook, Twitter, and on all of these blogs. You’ll be able to buy the book right here! Blood Relations, the first novel in the series, will also be available on Kindle for FREE for a limited time!!

If you’re in the area tomorrow, come on to the actual launch! It’s happening at the Kobold’s Corner, 430 Hazeldean Rd., Ottawa, between 3 and 5 PM. You can get your book signed, and there will be snacks and readings!

I hope to see you there!

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Anything goes Friday: a few random thoughts

I have no idea what to make this blog entry about, so I figured I would just toss a few things out there.

Yesterday, someone I follow on Twitter posted this quote, by Gertrude Stein: “Literature- creative literature- unconcerned with sex, is inconceivable.” Reading that quote felt like a punch in the gut, and even though the person who posted this offers some really good writing advice and exercises, I’m debating whether or not to unfollow. I don’t need more people in m life propagating the pervasive and offensive idea that everything in the universe has to be about sex.

I found out today that someone made a meme generator using the Mongol from Crash Course World History. I love it. This is my favorite.



I was thinking about Mythbuster (because a week later, I’m not done marathoning yet) and I wondered why the President’s challenge had to be Archimedes’ Solar Death Ray. They busted that myth pretty thoroughly, and more then once. The only thing I can figure is that the President’s challenge was mostly about acknowledging that the Mythbusters are popularizing science, and getting a class of school children participating in a myth without hurting themselves or causing any real damage, and there is little danger in letting even a child hold a mirror.

I should play more society games. The last time I’ve played a game was on Christmas day, when my family and I played Ticket to Ride. The time before that was the previous Christmas, when we played the same game. I don’t remember the time before that. I wonder if I should try to get my relatives to make a semi-regular gaming date. I have a sibling who lives out of town and works a lot, so that could make things problematic, but it might be fun to try and get together whenever everyone is in town, to play a game. I think I’l ask around, see if anyone is interested.

Well, that’s it for today.

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Book Wednesday: Blood Relations, by Caroline Frechette

I’ll get that right out of the way: Caroline Fréchette is a friend of mine, and I have read Blood Relations even before it came out, last fall. We are part of the same critique group, and she was working through Blood Relations while I was working through The Admirer.

There is a very strong possibility that I would not have read this book otherwise. It is a very dark read, and it makes no effort to hide it, with its dramatic black and white (and just a touch of blood red) cover illustrations. It has violence, and sex, and drug use, and foul language. What else do you expect from a novel about a 16 years old pyrokinetic mafioso who is forced to fight vampires?

So I might not have picked Blood Relations, if left to my own devices. And I would have missed something. The story has a great pace, and some wonderfully funny moments. The dialogue is brilliant. There is a great cast of characters, where everyone can have a favorite. (Mine is one of the hero’s best friend, of the “caregiver, wise beyond his years” trope that I just can’t resist, especially when it’s done well.)

Blood Relations is the first novel of the series Family By Choice. The second novel of the series, Brothers In Arms, comes out this Saturday, March 8th.

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Theater Monday: Rent

Rent is one of the best argument I can think of, in favor of making movies out of musicals. Yes, things will inevitably get lost, choices will have to be made that not everyone will like, but it’s still important to make those movies. Do you know why? Because they help bring those shows and their message to a larger audience.

And I don’t just mean the people who can’t afford to spend 40 bucks on the cheapest ticket on Broadway (let alone the potential hundreds of dollars necessary for a trip to New York, because they don’t live there) but might spend the 10 bucks (or whatever) on a movie ticket. I mean people who don’t live in theater towns, who might not even be aware that a show exists. I mean 2005 me, who didn’t even know that Rent existed until I saw the commercials for the movie on tv. Yes, the musical had existed for 11 years at that point, and had been on Broadway for 9.

(A small aside: my mom was very surprised that I didn’t already know Seasons of Love. She was also surprised when I first told her that I’d never heard Defying Gravity before we went to see Wicked for the first time. It’s not like those songs play on top 40 radio, which is all we get around here. How did she know about those songs? Has she been watching the Tonys all this time?)

A decade later, I’ve still never seen Rent live, and some theater hipsters are probably judging me for that. But I do own a DVD of the movie (and I saw it in theaters, the week-end it came out), and the OBC recording (and i learned it by heart), and a copy of Without You, Anthony Rapp’s autobiography, and I’ve rented the “last on Broadway” DVD though I haven’t bought it. If you are “what you own”, then I guess that makes me a Rent fan.

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